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‘Planet Earth’ Parody Attributes ‘Toxic Masculinity’ to a Lizard Named Kyle (Video)

We all know a Kyle

Animals, they’re just like us.

Well, at least in this “Planet Earth” parody from College Humor.

In the video, a David Attenborough sound-alike teaches us about sloths, lizards, zebras and other exotic creatures. We’re introduced to Mark, a lizard the size of a pencil with a self-esteem issue.

“Another lizard, Kyle, is also on this tree today, and he just oozes toxic masculinity,” our British-accented host says. “These two, they have a whole thing. Kyle’s always saying mean stuff like, ‘Hey, Mark, you’re lucky I don’t have a piece of paper, you stupid, tiny, pencil.'”

It’s OK, though, because although Kyle immediately resorts to violence, Mark realizes it’s not him who has the problem, but Kyle.

Later in the video, we meet a zebra leader who, well, needs to work on his leadership skills after a disappointing watering hole incident.

See, animals are just like us!

Watch the full clip above.