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Planned Parenthood Jumps Into ‘Obvious Child’ and NBC Abortion Flap

The organization has has launched an online petition to prompt NBC to air promo Jenny Slate’s movie

Planned Parenthood is lashing out at NBC for refusing to air the trailer for Jenny Slate‘s new film,”Obvious Child.” The organization has launched an online petition to pressure the network into reversing its decision.

“It’s outrageous that a major network would choose to censor mentions about abortion,” the petition states.  “For far too long, the refusal to talk honestly about abortion has led to increasing stigma around the issue, and it’s got to stop.”

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“Obvious Child” follows the story of  a comedienne who becomes pregnant after a one night stand with a staunchly Christian man. The film has been lauded by critics for taking a brave look at a highly polarizing issue, however NBC has refused to run ads for the film due to its frank discussion on abortion. As TheWrap reported last week, NBC wouldn’t air the trailer as long as it contained the word, “abortion.”

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The petition goes on to say,  “If NBC, is censoring the use of the word ‘abortion,’ then the network is refusing to even take part in a conversation, let alone an honest one that accurately reflects women’s lives.”

So far, Planned Parenthood’s petition has reached over 10,000 signatures.

A rep for NBC has not yet returned TheWrap’s request for comment.