‘Playdates’ Star Paul Scheer Says Silicon Beach Is ‘Way More Aggressively Douchey’ Than Silicon Valley (Video)

Sundance 2017: The actor stars in TV pilot alongside Carla Gallo and Miles Fisher

Paul Scheer thinks Silicon Beach, where the pilot for his new TV series is set, is “way more aggressively douchey” than Silicon Valley.

“Silicon Beach is like Silicon Valley but the difference is, it’s way more aggressively douchey,” Paul Scheer said at TheWrap’s interview studio at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. “Because Silicon Valley, it’s nerds who have a lot of money, so they are driving around in Teslas and just, like, they are out of place, but in L.A., they are nerds with money and they want to be famous, too. It’s a really intense vibe going on, so we’re really the fish out of water.”

“Playdates” stars Scheer, Carla Gallo and Miles Fisher stopped by TheWrap’s interview studio to discuss the show that had its world premiere in the Independent Pilot Showcase section of the festival. Craig Frank, Gemma Brooke Allen and Landon Gordon also star in the series written by Giles Andrew and Dan Marshall.

The TV series follows new stay-at-home dad Bennett and his wife (a working mom), who are forced to take their kids on playdates within the elite society of Silicon Beach.

Other shows having its world premiere in the section of the festival include Kyle Dunnigan’s “Shit Kids” and Brett Morgan’s “When the Street Lights Go On.”

Watch the video above.