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Wealthy Dem Stephen Cloobeck Blasts Party for Attack on Rich: ‘Effing Wrong’ (Video)

”I’ve made it very clear, I’ll cut your money off and others will do the same. We’ve had enough,“ warns multimillionaire

Multimillionaire Democrat Stephen Cloobeck has had it up to here with all the hate against the superwealthy coming from inside the very party to which he donates.

On MSNBC Tuesday, anchor Stephanie Ruhle welcomed founder and former Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts Holdings Inc. to her show to talk about the problems facing the Democratic party.

Cloobeck — a Democrat himself who has an estimated net worth of $100 million — blasted Dems for attacking millionaires and billionaires, which apparently makes him angry enough to swear on live television.

“It’s so effing wrong. I’ve talked to Schumer, I’ve talked to Wyden, I’ve talked to Pelosi and I’ve said if you use the term billionaire again, I’m done. It’s aspirational. I didn’t start with anything. Just penalize everyone that’s done well?” he asked indignantly.

“Hopefully we’ll get our sh– together,” added Cloobeck, who is a top donor to the party.

Cloobeck said the millionaire and billionaire hate has gotten so bad that he has considered leaving the party and said he had threatened top democrats that he would cut them off.

“It is very very disturbing when I hear the millionaire and billionaire word and I’ve told them to stop it, knock it off,” he said. “I’ve made it very clear, I’ll cut your money off and others will do the same. We’ve had enough.”

One can only assume the “we” Cloobeck refers to are his fellow plutocrats.

Watch it above.

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