‘Pokemon Go’ Inevitably Spawns New Fix-Up Site PokeDates

Company launches website to set up “Pokedates” for Pikachu hunters

Project Fixup is the latest company to seize upon the success of “Pokemon Go,” particularly its unique capability to get people out into the real world to meet and interact.

“Pokedates” has the slogan, “Gotta catch ‘em all, together!” and asks users to answer a few questions, give their availability and then be scheduled to meet up with like-minded Pokemon hunters in their neighborhood.

“Whether you’re a level 15 trainer or interested in playing for the first time, PókeDates are for you,” reads the Pokedates website. “With PokéDates we’ll find you a Pokémate to catch ‘em all together with.”

Pokemon Go has proven to have larger real-world consequences beyond just record-breaking Fitbit steps and completing collections of all 151 Pokemons.

More than one player has made the unfortunate choice to play while driving, resulting in accidents. In addition, dead bodies have been discovered in rivers instead of water Pokemons.

Players finding love would certainly be a more heartwarming antidote to those game-inspired horror stories.