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Stephen Colbert’s Heartfelt Cold Open Ruined by ‘Pokemon Go’ (Video)

Sounds like ”Late Show“ host heading towards race-relations, otherwise

Stephen Colbert had something really important to say to the nation, before being interrupted by a bunch of “Pokemon Go”-obsessed zombies.

“Before we start the show tonight, I just wanted to really give a message, really, from my heart,” Colbert began his cold open. “In all the years I’ve lived in this country, I’ve never seen it so divided. And at a time of great uncertainty and grief…”

That’s where he was cut off by someone that wandered in front of the camera, staring at his smartphone. When the “Late Show” host scolded them for a lack of decorum, the man replied, “Well, then you shouldn’t have made your theater a PokeStop.”

Eventually, Colbert gave up his message of hope and mutual respect and decided he’s gonna catch ‘em all.

Watch the video above.