Police Officer Points Gun at Protestor, Says ‘I Will F-cking Kill You’ (Video)

When asked for his name, the cop replies, “Go f-ck yourself”

The tension in Ferguson, Mo. continues to grow, as a new amateur video depicting a police officer aiming his gun at protestors and threatening to kill them if they didn’t move back hit the web on Wednesday.

“I will fucking kill you. Get back!” the St. Ann, Mo. officer shouts while aiming an assault rifle at protestors. When asked, “Did you just threaten to kill me?” the officer responds, “You’re goddamn right I am.”

When prompted, “What’s your name, sir?” the cop replies: “Go fuck yourself.” Another officer appears to walk over and escort the first cop away, lowering the firearm.

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The officer has since been suspended indefinitely, CNN reported.

The St. Louis County Police Department issued the following statement concerning today’s incident:  “A St. Ann Police Officer pointed a semi-automatic assault rifle at a peaceful protestor after a verbal exchange. It was at this time a St. Louis County Police Sergeant walked over and immediately took action, forcing the officer to lower the weapon, and escorting him away from the area.”

Ferguson has been a hotbed of protests, riots and aggressive behavior between an expanded police presence and those picketing the shooting of 18-year-old Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson.

Watch the video, uploaded to YouTube by Zig Zag: