Kansas State Chows Down On ‘First-Ever’ Edible Pop-Tart Mascot After Bowl Win Against NC State, Fans React

The internet can’t get over the humorous demise of the toaster pastry

Pop-Tart Bowl 2023 (Getty Images)
Pop-Tart Bowl 2023 (Getty Images)

We’ve all heard the phrase “sweet victory,” but sports fans and social media users online just can’t get over how deliciously satisfying it is to joke about the life-size Pop-Tart mascot the Kansas State University Wildcats’ ate following their win against the North Carolina State University Wolfpack Thursday night for the annual Pop-Tarts Bowl football game.

As part of the Bowl, the winning team gets to sink their teeth into the toasted pastry. During the game, the human version of the mascot danced around the field and interacted with both teams. However, at the end of the game, it was crunch time — literally.

In viral video clips, the live mascot is seen on top of a giant toaster. As they descend into the fake kitchen appliance, the mascot held up a sign that read “Dreams really do come true.” The actual edible snack slid out of a bottom slot of the toaster where it was greeted by Kansas State coach Chris Klieman and quarterback Avery Johnson, who wasted no time in taking a piece of the pop-tart.

As the internet does, it reacted, and did so by making jokes and creating posts centered on the hilarious and strange event.

“I genuinely think the Ancient Romans would have been so proud of this. They loved weirdly themed festivals,” one X user wrote.

Some folks online even playfully likened the moment to taking communion at Christian-based churches.

“This is my body, which is broken for you: do this in remembrance of me,” another user wrote.

Kansas State came out with the win in a 28-19 defeat. On top of the edible Pop-Tart, they also received a Pop-Tarts Bowl trophy. This event, which was held at Orlando, Florida’s Camping World Stadium, marks its first-ever Edible mascot.

Take a gander at all the delectable responses from fans.


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