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Popular Science Celebrates Sci-Fi Genre With Tablet-Only Special (Exclusive)

Dispatches from the Future includes original short sci-fi stories from celebrated authors and an animated graphic novel of Isaac Asimov’s ”Nightfall“

Popular Science paid tribute to science fiction Thursday by launching a tablet-only special edition in conjunction with its latest issue, TheWrap has learned.

Dispatches from the Future, now on sale at the Apple Store, includes original works of fiction, short stories and an animated graphic novel of Isaac Asimov‘s classic tale, “Nightfall.”

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Notable authors who contributed to the sci-fi spectacular include Kim Stanley Robinson (“The Years of Rice and Salt,”) John Scalzi (“Redshirts,”) and James S.A. Corey (“Abaddon’s Gate.”) In total, the tablet-only edition will have 20 different short stories.

The tablet-only special also features full-length stories from emerging authors. Hugo Award Winner Will McIntosh (“Defenders”), New York Times bestseller Seanan McGuire (“October Daye”) and Ann Leckie, who won a Nebula Award for her novel “Ancillary Justice,” are featured contributors.

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It’s a tech-forward way for the 142-year-old magazine to bring more science fiction to its audience, especially considering the emerging dominance of tablets in the personal computing marketplace.

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