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Power Lunch With Heather Graham: ‘It’s Exciting That People Are Listening to Us’ (Exclusive Video)

Graham has directed her first feature, ”Half Magic,“ a comedy about dating and love. Discuss.

Last Updated: March 19, 2018 @ 2:29 PM

Every day seems to bring something new around here. The latest new thing is totally fun and inspiring, and allows me to use the word “totally” in my lead paragraph. Which is also new.

Here’s the gig: I get to go to lunch with a group of smart and talented women in the entertainment industry and you get to watch us do it. Seriously, the conversation is right on the edge of what’s happening, because entertainment is what makes the change, right? And women in Hollywood are leading the way, right?


Heather  Graham has directed her first feature, “Half Magic,” a comedy about dating and love, from the perspective of the women. (Roller Girl is all grown up, and Heather took it in stride when I made that terrible joke.)

“I wanted to write a movie that was empowering to women and I wanted to empower women,” said Graham during the lunch. “And I wanted to find humor in all these thigs that had upset me – bad relationships, sexism in Hollywood.”

She, like the rest of us, feel like the moment is right to see women rise to a position of equity in the industry.

“It’s just exciting that people are listening to us,” she said.

Check out the video above. And stayed tuned for our next episode featuring Dakota Fanning!