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Lela Loren Compares ‘Power’ Season 3 to ‘DuckTales’

TCA 2016: D-D-Danger lurks behind Angela Valdez

Lela Loren told TV critics on Monday that her “Power” Season 3 story arc on the Starz crime drama series is like the opening credits from a beloved ’80s cartoon.

“I don’t know if you guys remember ‘DuckTales,’ when they’re running and the gold brick path is falling away from [them]? That’s [Angela] this season,” the actress summed up a lengthy explanation of her character’s current Starz run.

“She’s the duck,” co-star Omari Hardwick added.

“You’re watching this couple kind of navigate and trying to build something that’s really on marshland,” Loren led into her old-school animation comparison, speaking about the budding on-screen relationship with Hardwick’s “Ghost.”

The fictitious duo is professionally at odds, as Angela Valdez is a U.S. assistant attorney and James St. Patrick is still struggling to leave the drug (and murder) game behind for good. This season, Valdez will have to choose between love and integrity, Loren told reporters during the “Power” Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour panel.

The original “DuckTales” cartoon ran from 1987 to 1990. The series is being rebooted on Disney XD in 2017.