President Obama Reads and Reacts to ‘Mean Tweets’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Video)

Here’s one even he appreciated: “How do you make Obama’s eyes light up? Shine a flashlight in his ears”


After causing traffic chaos with road closures across Los Angeles on Thursday, President Barack Obama opened “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” with a bit of fun, participating in a special edition of the ABC late-night show’s “Mean Tweets.”

Right off the bat, the initial 140-character example hit pretty hard: “Obama’s hair is looking grayer these days,” the politician read. “Can’t imagine why, as he doesn’t seem to be one bit worried about all that’s going on.”

Among the other disgruntled Twitter comments aimed at the leader of the free world were: “A 30 rack of Coors Light is now $23 at Sun Spot. Thanks Obama.” And: “How do you make Obama’s eyes light up? Shine a flashlight in his ears.” The president appreciated the humor of that latter one.

While taking most of the criticism in stride — and even agreeing with a suggestion — Obama fired some shots back, calling one person’s use of “haha” and “lol” “redundant.”

Finally, when a Twitter user ripped the Commander-in-Chief’s jeans, Kimmel showed up to support his president, looking … unstylish.

Debbie Emery contributed to this report.

Watch the video: