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President Obama Makes NCAA Tournament Men’s Bracket Picks (Video)

For once, his selections weren’t straight chalk — but they’re close enough

This will be Barack Obama’s final March Madness as president, a fact not lost on the commander in chief — or ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Katz once again visited the White House to help the most powerful man in the free world pick his NCAA Tournament brackets. Today is the men’s tourney picks, tomorrow they’ll unveil the women’s bracket.

“The truth is that I am just not knowledgable enough with all the teams these days to be able to pick someone who is an 8 seed to win the tournament,” Obama admitted when Katz asked him about a history of straight chalk picks. “I have a tendency to pick the coach as much as anything.”

Our nation’s top executive avoided total chalk this year, with one No. 3 seed (Texas A&M) and a No. 2 seed (Michigan St.) in his Final Four.

In the end, however, it was Kansas over UNC — a battle of No. 1s.

“Bill Self owes me,” Obama reasoned, citing the Kansas Jayhawks coach.

The president had previously picked Kansas University twice, both in losing efforts. The one time Obama chose a winner correctly, it was the University of North Carolina, ironically — that was his first year in the Oval Office.

Watch the video above.