President Obama Goes to Prison in HBO’s Preview of ‘Vice’ Special (Video)

Vice founder Shane Smith hosts “Fixing the System,” which takes the criminal justice system to task

HBO and Vice have unveiled the first look at their upcoming special “Fixing the System,” in which President Barack Obama visits the El Reno federal prison in Oklahoma and meets with inmates.

The special marks the first time a sitting president has ever visited a federal prison.

“There was a strong political incentive, I think, to continually be tough on drugs,” Obama says of the growing civil rights crisis. “The thing just kept on getting ratcheted up.”

The teaser concludes with Obama questioning the criminal justice system. “We think it’s somehow normal for black youth, Latino youth to somehow be going through the system in this way. It’s not normal.”

Vice founder Shane Smith hosts the special, which explores the penal system and how it affects both prisoners and their families. HBO will air “Fixing the System” on Sept. 27. Watch the teaser above.