President Obama Takes to BuzzFeed to Tell People to Register for Health Insurance (Video)

The president even went so far as to use a selfie stick for the occasion and make funny faces of himself in the mirror

President Obama appeared in a new BuzzFeed video Thursday to remind people of the upcoming February 15 deadline to register for Obamacare.

The video, called “Things Everybody Does but Doesn’t Talk About,” features the President making funny faces in the mirror, taking selfies and even making a nice sketch of his sweetheart, First Lady Michelle Obama.

Mr. Obama even takes a humorous swipe at his critics. When trying to dunk a large cookie in a glass of milk with little success, he says: “Thanks, Obama.”

While practicing how to say February in front of his mirror, the President makes sure to mention the February 15 deadline and that you can find health insurance for less than $100 per month in most cases.

He ends the video by saying, “YOLO, man” — translation, you only live once man.

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