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President Obama Kicks Off Media Blitz as Syria Debate Heats Up

POTUS will stop by ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NBC and PBS

President Obama is back on the campaign trail, so to speak. He’s spending Monday making a whirlwind tour of six networks to plead his case for a US intervention in Syria. And yes, he’ll even put in a rare appearance on Fox News.

Anchors from six channels will travel to the White House to tape interviews with the president: Diane Sawyer of ABC, Scott Pelley of CBS, Wolf Blitzer of CNN, Chris Wallace of Fox News, Savannah Guthrie of NBC and Gwen Ifill of PBS.

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If you want to be the first of your friends to see what the president has to say about Syria, check out Fox News or CNN — their interviews will air at 6 pm during “Special Report with Bret Baier” and “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” respectively. ABC, CBS and NBC’s interviews will air during those stations’ evening newscasts, while PBS will kick off its newly revamped “NewsHour” with Ifill’s interview, though when you can see that depends on your local listings.

PBS and CBS are also airing Charlie Rose’s interview with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad on Monday.

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Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry will also be doing a media push on Syria — he’ll do a Google+ Hangout hosted by New York Times columnist Nick Kristof on Tuesday at 2 pm. Obama will then address the country, the majority of which, according to several recent polls, is against any military action in Syria, on Tuesday night.

The president was scheduled to stop by Hollywood to make speeches and raise funds for the Democratic National Committee this week, but postponed them to focus on Syria.