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President Obama Warns Donald Trump: ‘This Is Not a Reality Show’ (Video)

POTUS also scolds media for focusing on the ”circus“ instead of vetting candidates

President Barack Obama made it clear how he feels about Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, reminding the former “Celebrity Apprentice” host on Friday that the 2016 presidential race “is not a reality show.”

“This is not entertainment, this is not a reality show. This is the contest for the presidency of the United States,” Obama told reporters at The White House briefing room following a statement on the economy.

Obama also scolded the media for not vetting candidates’ policies, focusing on the “circus” instead.

“What I’m concerned about is the degree to which reporting and information starts emphasizing the spectacle and the circus. Because that’s not something we can afford,” Obama said.

Asked whether he thinks Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders should drop out of the contest and cede the Democratic nomination to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the president said, “Let’s let the process play itself out.”

“I think everybody knows what that math is,” Obama said. “I think Senator Sanders has done an extraordinary job raising a number of issues… At some point, there’s going to be a conversation between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders about how we move toward the convention.”

Sanders won the Indiana primary on Tuesday but trails Clinton by more than 300 delegates in quest to be the party’s nominee.

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