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Obama’s Libya Speech Scheduled Around ‘Dancing’

Sure, stabilizing tumultuous areas in the world is important — but how will Kirstie Alley do?

President Barack Obama's speech about military action in Libya on Monday was an important bit of oratory — but maybe not as important as other priorities, such as watching the latest episode of "Dancing With the Stars."

The New York Times reports that the White House and networks discussed the best air time for Obama's speech — which aired across several networks on Monday. All parities eventually agreed to 7:30 ET, which would allow enough time for the speech to be delivered and analyzed, without interrupting prime-time fare such as ABC's "Dancing," which airs live on Monday night at 8.

In a statement sent to the Times, White House spokesman Joshua Earnest said, “The White House routinely works with the networks, as a group, in circumstances like these to find a time that’s respectful of both the networks and their audience — while ensuring that the President has the platform he needs to deliver an important message to the American people.”

Maybe Obama should brush up on his moves and apply to be a "Dancing With the Stars" contestant if he really hopes for his message to be heard.


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