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President Trump Declares France Attacker ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist’

French Prime Minister is more careful with his words while details still emerge

A knife-wielding man shouting “Allahu akbar” was shot five times outside the Louvre Museum in Paris on Friday in what President Trump has already declared a “radical Islamic” terror attack.

News organizations and French officials had not determined the identity of the attacker when Trump sent a tweet early on Friday morning. Either POTUS is jumping to conclusions, or he knows something that we don’t.

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has described the situation as “terrorist in nature,” which is how most world leaders would phrase comments until we have more clarity on the situation. However, Trump is not a typical world leader.

He tweeted early and often on Friday morning, commenting on everything from the France incident to “The New Celebrity Apprentice.”

Meanwhile, terrorists have killed over 200 people in France over the past two years, according to the Associated Press.

This time, French soldiers seem to have stopped a potential attack. The man rushed toward a group of soldiers and guards near the museum when they told him that his backpack was not allowed inside the Louvre, where the “Mona Lisa” hangs.