Watch Trump Abruptly End CBS Interview Over Wiretapping Question (Video)

“That’s enough, thank you,” the president says as he cuts short an interview with “CBS This Morning”

President Trump cut short a CBS interview with John Dickerson, gesturing for the “Face the Nation” host to leave the Oval Office while saying, “That’s enough, thank you.”

Dickerson asked Trump about his relationship with former President Obama and mentioned Trump’s infamous tweet accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower, when the interview that aired Monday on “CBS This Morning” was abruptly cut short.

“That’s enough, thank you. Thank you very much,” Trump said as he walked away from Dickerson to sit at his desk.

Dickerson attempted to hold Trump accountable like few reporters have thus far in his presidency, refusing to back down until he was asked to leave the office.

The “Face the Nation” moderator spoke with Trump in the Oval Office on the president’s 100th day on the job. The interview also made news when part of it aired early on Sunday’s edition of “Face the Nation,” as the president referred to it as “Deface the Nation.”

“I love your show,” Trump told Dickerson to his face. “I call it ‘Deface the Nation.’ But, you know, your show is sometimes not exactly correct.”

“CBS This Morning” broadcasted live from the White House on Monday, speaking with Director of the White House National Economic Council Gary Cohn, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Co-hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell have a temporary studio in the East Room of the White House and First Daughter Ivanka Trump even stopped by crash the filming.

“You guys are so good, though. Within seconds I was mic’d, I was seated. And I just wanted to come by with a cup of coffee to say hello,” Ivanka joked about walking into the live shot.

Check out the video above.