Watch President Trump Look Directly at Solar Eclipse Without Glasses (Video)

Don’t look at the light!

There’s a reason why parents tell their children not to look directly into the sun — because they could damage their eyes and potentially go blind. Apparently, Donald Trump missed that lesson (along with a few history and spelling ones too).

On Monday, the president — along with wife, Melania, and youngest son, Barron — was spotted viewing the solar eclipse from the White House balcony without protective glasses.

Trump began his viewing party the right way by shielding his eyes with special protective lenses. Then, about four minutes into the video (provided by PBS News Hour), he removes the lenses and stares directly at the eclipse.

Yep, that’s right. Trump chose to stare directly into a fiery, glowing orb in the sky that has caused people to go blind. Though he only gazed at the sun unprotected for a couple of seconds, who knows what kind of damage that could do to his eyes.

And of course, Twitter clowned him big-league (bigly?) for his actions.

Watch potential retinal damage happen in the video above.