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President Trump Unfollows Michael Cohen on Twitter

The president’s longtime fixer is now working with federal investigators

President Trump dumped his former attorney and fixer on Twitter this week, unfollowing Michael Cohen on the platform late Thursday evening. Like all Trump family Twitter updates, the news was first reported by the indispensable Trump Alert bot.

“realDonaldTrump appears to no longer follow @MichaelCohen212. (This bot cannot tell if this was an unfollow, suspension or block.),” the bot said in its customary format.

A follow from Trump is one of the hottest commodities on Twitter reserved only for select family, intimates and official accounts for his resorts. Lucky few like Ann Coulter or Piers Morgan are able to broadcast content directly into his timeline and even have the power to send him private direct messages — circumventing the entire White House.

Any movement to the president’s feed is watched with near obsessive interest by many on Twitter — like that time he accidentally followed CNN for about an hour in March. As of Friday morning, Trump was down from 47 followings to 46, while he is followed by 55.6 million users.

Once famous for saying he would be willing to take a bullet for Trump, Cohen has become a cooperator with federal prosecutors in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion in the Trump campaign. In August, Cohen plead guilty in various charges including campaign finance violations, tax evasion and bank fraud. His decision to cooperate came as he potentially faced decades in prison for the violations.

In the following months, he largely stripped himself of his former affiliation from Trump. In July he told ABC that his “first loyalty” was not to Trump but to his family and country. After once stepping gingerly around Cohen’s probable betrayal, Trump has also taken off the gloves, lacing into his former confidante on Twitter, accusing Cohen — in a subtweet — of turning on him to get out of unrelated legal trouble.