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Jimmy Kimmel Sends Ken Bone to Las Vegas for Final Presidential Debate (Video)

Has the Internet sensation finally decided whom he will vote for?

Jimmy Kimmel sent Ken Bone and his red sweater to the final presidential debate in Las Vegas last night — but the Internet sensation is still an undecided voter.

“I have not decided,” Bone told Kimmel from Las Vegas where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off for a third time. “After I have decided, I promise I’m not going to tell anyone, even you.”

His reasoning was simple: “Once I tell anyone who I am voting for, I lose my opportunity to say, ‘get out and vote’ … I want everybody to get to the polls and make their voice heard.”

Earlier this month, Bone said he would not endorse either candidate.

“I’m happy to do as much media as people need to me to talk about the process and talk about getting people out to vote,” he told MSNBC. “I will state that I will not endorse either candidate and you will not hear me saying who I will be voting for before the election is over. If you hear that, it’s not me.”

Bone, a 34-year-old coal-plant operator from Illinois, according to the New York Times, became a viral sensation after he asked the candidates a question about energy policy at the town hall debate earlier this month. His red sweater also became instantly famous, so Kimmel had to ask him whether he has washed the sweater since he shot to fame.

“I must have, because it’s shrinking!” Bone joked.

And California fans will be happy to hear that Bone is in Los Angeles on Thursday for the premiere of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange.”

Bone was under a bit of scrutiny last week when he held a Reddit Q&A, where fans resurfaced old posts in which he discussed his sex life and said the shooting of Trayvon Martin was “justified.”

Watch the video above.