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Presidential Election: Rupert Murdoch’s Guessing Game (Updated)

Rupert Murdoch has been speculating about the presidental election results on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch seems worried that the election will go to President Obama.

Getty ImagesFor the last few days, the News Corporation CEO and voracious Twitter opiner has been flooding his feed with messages warning voters that casting their ballots for the Democrat will maintain the status quo. He also questions the veracity of many polls.

"Everybody searching for any scrap of news about election tomorrow," Murdoch tweeted late on Monday afternoon. "Plenty of straws to grasp for Romney, probably not enough."

Earlier, Murdoch blamed the president for the budgetary gridlock in Congress.

"What happens if Tuesday result gives us status quo?" Murdoch wrote in his typically disjointed Twitter talk. "Congress refuses tax increases, Obama refuses entitlement cuts. Fiscal Cliff real?"

Echoing a theory floated by many conservative news outlets, including his own Fox News Channel, Murdoch suggested that pre-election polls are false or skewed.

"Seems slight edge to Obama, but Romney seeing small late surge," he tweeted  Sunday. "Many state polls look unreliable."

Murdoch also tweeted this weekend about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and CIA chief David Petraeus.

After lamenting the front-page newspaper photos of Christie "palling up" with the president as he toured hurricane-ravaged New Jersey, Murdoch said the Republican's support for Romney has not wavered.

"Christie doing fabulous job for state, but he was first Republican gov to support Romney, and has worked tirelessly for him," he tweeted.

Murdoch also reversed himself in tweets about Petraeus. Many conservatives say the administration has covered up facts about the killing of a U.S. ambassador and three other government employees at the consulate in Bengazi, Libya.

"Benghazi scandal. Look who has taken fall for O," Murdoch wrote. "America's finest non- political public servant: CIA chief David Petraeus."

Moments later, Murdoch retracted the tweet, saying Petraeus had not taken the blame for the president.

"Ignore last tweet. Sorry," Murdoch wrote. "Petraeus has NOT taken fall for O."

Updated at 6:05 p.m. ET with a later tweet from Rupert Murdoch.