Presidential Debate Superstar Ken Bone to Appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

American citizen and red-sweater enthusiast set the Internet ablaze on Sunday night

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Ken Bone, who captured the hearts and minds of America during Sunday’s second Presidential debate, is set to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” tonight via satellite.

Bone, who is a 34-year-old coal-plant operator from Illinois, according to the New York Times, became Internet famous after he asked the candidates a question about energy policy at the town hall debate.

While he asked a reasonable question about retaining energy jobs in the U.S. while upholding environmental standards, viewers online immediately seized on Bone’s appearance — which included a very, very red sweater — and pun-worthy name, with memes popping up almost immediately.

“His name is Ken Bone and he ken bone me anytime,” one person wrote. Another person chimed in with the zinger, “Ken Bone is going to go home, power on his Windows 98 desktop, load up AOL and see that he’s the hottest meme on the streets.”

Bone was a bright spot in what many saw as a dark debate. Clinton and Trump’s second go-round managed to still draw 66.5 million viewers. While an impressive number, that is down about 21 percent from their first debate.

Trump-Clinton No. 2 may not have broken Nielsen TV viewing records, but it did score all-time highs on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, the debate accounted for 17 million live tweets. Facebook saw 19.8 million U.S. users generate more than 92.4 million related likes, posts, comments and shares.