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‘Pretty Basic’ Co-Hosts Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz Reveal Most Embarrassing Dating Stories

WrapWomen LA Blog: Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz on spontaneous ways to have fun at home in quarantine and how to feel confident in every situation

If I were to describe my life in quarantine in two words it would be “pretty basic.” I wake up, make myself a cocktail, send a bunch of emails that begin with, “I hope you and your family are in good health” and then catch up with my “life coaches”/ latest obsessions Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. Don’t worry, though, I’m keeping a 6-foot distance — not because of the restraining order — but because all I need to do to hang out with them is tune into their podcast “Pretty Basic.”

From fun lighthearted conversations about dating to sharing tips on how to feel more confident, Marie and Cruz make it feel like you’re sipping rosé on “Bachelor” Monday with your best girlfriends — sigh, the good old days. If you’re new to the crew, don’t worry, you can go back and catch up on past episodes daily. For OG listeners, you already know that on Wednesdays we wear pink listen to “Pretty Basic” (because that’s when new episodes come out).

During a recent email interview with WrapWomen (with joint answers in some cases), Marie and Cruz took us behind the scenes of the podcast, revealed their most embarrassing dating stories and gave advice on how to be our most confident selves — in quarantine and beyond.

Pretty Basic

“Pretty Basic”

“Pretty Basic” is for the girl who loves…
To chat with her best friend and catch up on the latest gossip, while learning all about the back end of social media. Each episode varies on topics so this is definitely a space for the girl who is looking for lots of laughs and a fun time but also down to learn a few new things and be open about their mental health and feeling.

“Pretty Basic” is for the girl who is looking for…
An escape from any problems they’re facing in their lives. Tune in to hear an hour-long conversation between two best friends and learn how to feel a little less alone during normal teenage/early twenty/mid-20 life problems and girl problems in general. Girls get the chance to feel like they have a friend or big sister who’s looking out for them and know they’re not alone in certain life experiences.

What topics does “Pretty Basic” cover?
Topics on each episode range from fun conversations on dating, behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s like to be an influencer, to discussing our life experiences — whether that’s toxic friendships, breakups or our mental health. Episodes often feel like a comforting discussion with your big sister or best friend.

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve done in quarantine?
Alisha Marie:
I uploaded a “What I Would’ve Worn to Coachella” video, haha. I also had all my roommates switch rooms for 24 hours. It was SO much fun to film and genuinely helped our moods! I think changing up the scenery right now is so important for anyone but it’s cool knowing that can even be in your own house!

Remi Cruz: The craziest thing I have done during quarantine would be moving into a brand-new house about three days before the stay at home orders kicked in. I have basically been organizing and setting everything up this whole time. It’s given me a lot of time to vlog the whole process but it definitely has been a crazy time to move.

What is your most embarrassing dating story?
Knock on wood, haven’t had a crazy embarrassing date story. Although ask me again in a year and maybe that will change.  My biggest fear for a date would be a guy talking about my social media following the whole time or wanting me to give him “YouTube advice” — that’d be the absolute worst date and I hope that never happens.

Cruz: My most embarrassing dating story would be the time I made it through the whole date and as I was leaving the restaurant I heard someone yell to me that I left something on my chair. I went back to the table and looked around to realize I hadn’t left anything, I looked up and saw my two best friends sitting at the next table spying on me. They were taking videos and dressed in wigs and costumes the whole time.

What are your tips for successful dating?
Don’t take anything too seriously. Just have fun with it. The right person will come around when you’re in a good place and feeling amazing about yourself because you will be oozing that confidence! Most importantly make sure you are happy by yourself, so that you can be happy with someone else.

How do you feel confident on a date with someone new?
Be confident in who you are and whole as a person so that you’re not really going out and dating. FaceTime your girlfriends before you go on your date, they can help you pick out your outfit and give you a pep talk. Pick out something to wear that you feel super confident in so you can just focus on being yourself while you are on the date.

What are your tips on how to feel confident on a work interview?
Dress to impress. Definitely arrive in something that you feel confident and comfortable in. Prep beforehand and do as much research and as much homework as you can before. Go in knowing what you’re talking about and know that you’re right for the job so you don’t have to question anything else.

How do you feel confident in yourself all the time?
Own who you are. Don’t try and change for anybody else. Don’t conform to any trends going on just because you feel like you have to or if there are trends that you love; take them and put your own spin on them. Know that you are perfect the way that you are and you don’t have to change for anyone.

You can listen to “Pretty Basic” Spotify and iTunes.

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