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‘Pretty Little Liars’ 100th Episode Countdown: Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn on Their Season 5 Bromance (Video)

The actors describe the nature of their Season 5 relationship to TheWrap during the 100th episode screening

Bromance, a term now officially indoctrinated into the Merriam Webster Dictionary, can be used to describe a close heterosexual male best friendship. In other words, two male best friends who have an extremely close relationship and are man crushing on one another in the most non-sexual of manners. A “bromance” is exactly how stars Tyler Blackburn and Keegan Allen describe their character’s Season 5 relationship.

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TheWrap had the opportunity to chat with the two “Pretty Little Liars” actors on the red carpet for the show’s 100th episode screening. Both Allen and Blackburn, separately, expressed compliments about one another when referring to their “bromance.”

When asked about their character’s relationship, without correction Allen and Blackburn interjected with smiles on their faces, saying comments along the lines of “I think there is a bromance there” and “We are definitely bros, I think that’s important because this is a very girl-centric show”

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Watch the two gush over one another in The Wrap’s video below.

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