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Preview for ‘Boys’ Parodies Lena Dunham, HBO’s ‘Girls’

Show centers on over-privlieged twenty-somethings and stars Wolf Blitzer and Daniel Craig's sons

Lena Dunham's "Girls" is gloriously skewered in this fake advertisement for "Boys."

Like the HBO sitcom it sends up, "Boys" centers on a group of over-privileged twenty-somethings with severe work allergies, suspicious access to expendable income and relationship problems that would only trip up severe narcissists. It also satirizes Dunham's habit of filming herself naked.

Like "Girls," which stars the daughters of David Mamet, Brian Williams, the Bad Company drummer and some famous modern artist, "Boys" also is billed as an textbook example of celebrity nepotism. In this case the cast boasts such  big name spawn as Wolf Blitzer's son Bear Blitzer and Daniel Craig's offspring, Craig Craig.

Instead of Brooklyn, these "Boys" have to attend their loft parties in Los Angeles. Looks like HBO should cue up the MGMT and clear some space in its lineup, because there's a new voice of a "trust fund generation" in town.