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‘Price Is Right’ Contestant Takes a Fall While Spinning the Big Wheel (Video)

Don’t feel bad, Renee; you’re not the first person to be taken down on the path to the Showcase Showdown

Renee, come on down — all the way to the floor!

A contestant on “The Price Is Right” named Renee lost a battle with gravity during Wednesday’s episode while spinning The Big Wheel in a bid to enter the Showcase Showdown.

Renee, who took to the “Price Is Right” stage rocking Drew Carrey-themed fingernails, took a big spin, then a big spill, heading butt-first to the floor from the force of her own efforts.

Embarrassing? Sure. But Renee shouldn’t feel too bad — she’s not the first “Price Is Right” contestant to take a tumble at the Big Wheel. And in 2013, a North Carolina postal carrier was busted for disabiity fraud, after investigators saw her spinning the Big Wheel on the show and questioned her claims of physical impairment.

In comparison, a sore butt and a bruised ego doesn’t seem so bad.

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