‘Price Is Right’ Model Has Embarrassing On-Air Fall (Video)

Amber Lancaster escaped unscathed after her unexpected trip, but the stage lights did not


“The Price Is Right” model Amber Lancaster had an unfortunate accident on Friday’s episode.

After a contestant won a prize, Lancaster was standing next to host Drew Carey. She took a quick step to her left, lost her balance in her stilettos, and ended up taking out one of the stage lights.

No one was injured (except the light), although Lancaster definitely got red in the face after the incident. The contestant asked if the model was OK, and she blushingly replied: “I’m fine. Just going to die of embarrassment real quick.”

In next week’s episode, see Lancaster try to guess the value of the light bulb she destroyed. If her guess is the closest without going over, perhaps the show won’t deduct the cost of it from her paycheck.

Watch the video.