Prince Harry Puts Obama on the Spot: ‘Suits’ or ‘The Good Wife’?

Former president proves to be quite the diplomat in choosing his favorite legal drama

Barack Obama has been out of office for nearly a year, but the 44th president is still answering tough questions, this time courtesy of Prince Harry.

In their highly-anticipated interview for the BBC, the prince puts the ex-commander-in-chief through a “quick fire question round” — which is just the British version of the lightning round. And Harry doesn’t hold back, asking Obama which TV show he prefers: “Suits” or “The Good Wife.”

Obama, keeping his audience in mind, didn’t forget that the prince’s fiance, Meghan Markle, had played paralegal Rachel Zane on the long-running legal drama.

“Suits, obviously,” Obama calmly answered.

“Great, great answer,” replied the prince.

Prince Harry hit Obama with several other pop culture questions. In what has to be one of the easiest questions Obama has been asked, Harry wanted to know if he preferred Rachel or Monica from “Friends.” (Brits are still obsessed with the show, by the way.) Obama answered Rachel, just like everyone else in the world besides Courteney Cox would have.

Harry continued grilling Obama, asking a fairly difficult one a minute later: The Rock or Chris Rock? It’s a tough decision, and being an experienced politician, Obama wisely said he liked both (who doesn’t?). Another one Obama “dodged”: Khloe or Kim Kardashian. “This one I have to defer on,” said the ex-president. Harry = Jake Tapper 2.0, apparently.