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Prince Fans Fondly Remember That Time He Kicked Kim Kardashian Off Stage (Video)

”Get off my stage,“ late music icon told the reality star in 2011 after her dance moves failed to impress him

Prince fans are fondly remembering the moment he kicked Kim Kardashian off his stage at Madison Square Garden in 2011.

If you don’t recall, or perhaps missed this glorious moment in music history, Prince invited the reality star onto the stage to dance with him. While he broke out amazing dance moves, Kardashian froze up and awkwardly clapped around.

Prince’s response? “Get off my stage.”

After the incident, Kardashian took to Twitter to explain, “I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!”

On Thursday, Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park compound in Minnesota. He was 57. The cause of death remains unknown, but an autopsy will begin at 9 a.m. CT.

Watch a video of the hilarious incident above, and then see how much it meant to his grateful fans below.