Prince Is Taking Over ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ (Video)

The “Purple Rain” musician will perform several songs and discuss plans for 2014

Prince is staging a takeover of “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

The artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince will serve as the sole guest on the March 5 edition of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” performing a number of songs and sharing his 2014 with Hall.

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The announcement was made in appropriately eccentric form, with a Prince lookalike delivering an envelope containing the news, which he made Hall read himself. (Hopefully, Prince himself won’t be so tight-lipped during his interview with Hall next week.)

“Just say the word and we will bring our whole crew over to your place and do a performance you will never forget,” Prince’s message read. “Just in case you haven’t heard, I’ve been practicing, and I’ve gotten pretty good now.”

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“The Arsenio Hall Show” was renewed for a second season on Wednesday.

Watch the announcement below.