Prince Was Set for ‘Emergency’ Meeting With Addiction Specialist the Day After He Died

A doctor who specializes in opioid addictions was called to help with a “grave medical emergency”

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A doctor who specializes in opioid addictions was scheduled to meet with Prince the day after he died, after being asked to help with a “‘grave medical emergency.”

Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a national authority on opioid addiction treatment, was called by representatives of the music legend the night before he passed away on April 21, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Tuesday night.

However, the specialist, who runs Recovery Without Walls in Mill Valley, California, could not clear his schedule and planned to fly to Paisley Park the following day (April 22).

According to William Mauzy, a Minneapolis attorney working with the Kornfeld family, the doctor instead sent his son, Andrew Kornfeld, to Minnesota to explain to Prince how the treatment would work.

“The plan was to quickly evaluate his health and devise a treatment plan,” Mauzy told the Star Tribune, speaking on behalf of the Kornfelds. “The doctor was planning on a lifesaving mission.”

Tragically, when Andrew Kornfeld arrived at Prince’s mansion, he ended up being one of the three people who found the “Purple Rain” singer’s body in an elevator and ultimately called 911, telling the dispatcher: “We’re at Prince’s house.”

“The people are just distraught. … We’re in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we are at the home of Prince,” he continued on the 911 call.

Emergency responders arrived within five minutes and Prince was pronounced dead at 10:07 a.m. CT, 19 minutes after responders arrived.

Results of an April 22 autopsy are still pending, though the 57-year-old singer reportedly suffered an overdose of the opioid painkiller Percocet days before his death.

Dr. Howard Kornfeld did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.