Princess Leia Voice Actress Apologizes for Mocking Christine Blasey Ford

“Star Wars Resistance” actress Rachel Butera posted, and later deleted, video imitating Ford’s voice

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center

Rachel Butera, a voice actress for Disney Channel’s “Star Wars Resistance,” apologized for appearing to mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Butera is set to voice feminist icon Princess Leia in the upcoming animated “Star Wars” TV show. Neither LucasFilm or Disney immediately responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Butera, in a since-deleted tweet, posted a video where she appeared to mock Dr. Ford. Per Gizmodo, here’s what Butera said in the initial video:

I don’t know if anybody is listening to the Dr. Blasey Ford testimony about Brett Kavanaugh but this is how I sound. I know it’s a surprise to even me that I talk this way and I’m a doctor and a grown woman. I sound like I’m still back at that high school party…um…I can’t help it, I just have this kind of a voice like a baby, even though I’m a doctor. And I’m on this media circus, political stage, and I have kids myself. I don’t know why I speak with vocal fry, um, but you can listen to my testimony and hear that a grown woman sounds this way. Dr. Blasey Ford, thank you.

Shortly after the tweet was deleted, Butera posted an apology, which read, “I was by no means mocking a rape victim I am 100% on Christine Blasy Ford’s side! I am just a vocal impressionist and decided to imitate her voice but it was a mistake. I apologize and a I believe ALl [sic] women.”

Butera’s initial tweet was widely condemned on social media, with many calling for her dismissal from the show. She has since locked her account.

Dr. Ford testified Thursday to the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C., recalling a time when she said she believes Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her while he was drunk at a party during the early 1980s. You can read more about her testimony here.