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‘Prison Break’ Being Adapted for Russian Audiences

Fox’s now-dead hit will be localized. How do you say ”shank“ in Russian?

Call it "Gulag Break": Russia’s Channel One is partnering with 20th Century Fox TV Distribution to do a local version of "Prison Break."

Red Square Cinema and Russian Project Studio will produce the series, with Russian writers, producers and actors. It’s set to premiere this fall.

“Prison Break has already been a phenomenal success around the world,” said Yoni Cohen, Fox’s SVP of international development & sales. “There are few broadcasters that have such a distinguished track record in drama production. Channel One is the perfect partner for this ambitious franchise.”

No word yet on whether any of the original production team, including creator Paul T. Scheuring, will be asked to consult on the adaptation.

Channel One has long been a buyer of 20th-produced series, snagging actual episodes of shows such as "24" and "Modern Family." This is the first time the broadcaster has decided to produce a big-time, big-budget version of an American drama hit.

Here’s how Russian TV promoted dubbed versions of "Prison Break":