PGA: Look for Our New Union Label, ‘p.g.a.’

The Producer’s Guild rolls out a new credit, its latest attempt to effectively delineate who actually did work on a film

Looking to solve the age-old problem of crediting producers who actually have worked on a film — as opposed to friends, family members and various well-off hangers-on — the Producers Guild of America is introducing a new label: "p.g.a."

Listed parenthetically alongside a "produced-by" credit, the mark stipulates producers who have gone through a guild accreditation process.

"We recognize that this mark may only be given to those producers who have been certified through the guild's arbitration process, and that PGA membership is not a requirement," read a letter endorsed by over 140 PGA members and sent to the guild's membership body.

The new guideline would still allow studios to credit the unaccredited with a "produced by" listing — it just wouldn't carry the p.g.a. mark.

The criteria used to determine who gets a (p.g.a) next to their produced by credit is the same flawed one that's currently defined under the Producers Code of Credit — the studio submits names, and the PGA credits them.

However, the new mark requires that the submission date be push up until before post-production on a movie starts.