PRØHBTD and All Def Media Ink Exclusive Media Partnership (Exclusive)

Brands will create and distribute cannabis-driven programming related to comedy, music and social justice

PRØHBTD partners with All Def Media
Courtesy of PRØHBTD

PRØHBTD, a digital media platform focused on cannabis lifestyle, is joining forces with All Def Media (ADM) to co-produce and distribute original content.

Under the partnership, the two brands will create cannabis-driven programming that falls within comedy, music, and social justice categories. The companies will also work together to lock down sponsorships with global advertising partners.

ADM, which produces and distributes programming often having to do with hip-hop culture, has more than 300 million subscribers across its social media channels. One of its most popular digital shows, “Dad Jokes,” which consists of celebrities trying not to laugh as they exchange puns with one another, reached more than 15 million people within the first week of its launch on Facebook Watch.

Together with PRØHBTD — one of the largest multi-platform video networks in the cannabis industry, which reaches an audience of 100+ million people — ADM will attempt to marry the worlds of hip-hop, culture, social justice, and cannabis to create content that “reflects people’s realities,” according to the companies.

“Hip-hop transcends age, class, gender and drives a lot of our global culture, from the shows we watch to the clothes we wear,” said Chris Blackwell, co-president and chief digital officer at All Def Media. “All Def Media is all about using that truth to create content that reflects people’s realities and lets creatives express themselves. PRØHBTD is also pushing boundaries as one of the biggest advocates for unprohibited, free expression, and we’re excited about what we’ll be able to create together.”

“Chris and the team at All Def have established a cultural voice with purpose that entertains and informs millions of people around the world,” said Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO of PRØHBTD. “The topics of social justice and freedom of expression are as vital to keeping the truth alive as much as comedy can help us to laugh at ourselves, so we look forward to producing new and relevant content together.”

The partnership comes on the heels of an $8 million round of funding for PRØHBTD, whose investors include Donald Glover, Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell Hedfors, and Joel and Benji Madden.