PRØHBTD’s ‘High Cuisine’ Docuseries Takes Food to Psychedelic Level (Exclusive)

Using “safe and mostly legal” ingredients

High Cuisine

Marijuana-centric, multi-platform media company PRØHBTD has announced the start of pre-production on “High Cuisine,” a new travel, food and drug-infused docuseries, in partnership with Totem Media.

The 10-episode series will follow Noah Tucker and Anthony Joseph — two veteran chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants in Amsterdam and London — as they travel the world in search of local dishes and mind-altering ingredients in a mission to create “truly forbidden cuisine.” Some of those ingredients may include things like kanna, Syrian rue, and ‘magic’ mushrooms — all which have been known to provide users with a euphoric high, though the company stresses that the ingredients are “safe and mostly legal.”

“We are making a big push investing in premium content that expands PRØHBTD’s voice and audience and ‘High Cuisine’ is evidence of that,” said PRØHBTD’s chief content officer Joshua Otten. “Not only are Noah and Anthony incredibly gifted chefs driven by a passion to find unique ingredients and altered experiences, but this is the first non-scripted network cooking series we’ve seen that embraces food, travel and entheogens in a way that is truly authentic.”

“High Cuisine” joins PRØHBTD’s growing slate of original content which now includes “Edibles” with Birdie Harrelson, niece of Woody Harrelson, and “Get Loud” with Slink Johnson (Adult Swim’s “Black Jesus”). Additional premium shows the company is currently developing include “Pimp My Grow,” with cannabis brand DNA Genetics and hip-hop artist B-Real; and “The Traveler” with Jude Angelini, a host on “The All Out Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio.

The content is syndicated across 17 different partner platforms including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Android TV, and Dailymotion. Combined, the platforms saw more than 23 million video views in August with an average view through rate of 3:45 minutes, according to PRØHBTD.

The media company, which is recognized as the exclusive global cannabis partner of Advertising Week and Entrepreneur Magazine, recently made headlines after closing its Series A funding round with a total of $12 million raised to date. Investors and advisors include Donald Glover, Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell Hedfors, and Joel and Benji Madden among others.