PSA: You Can Return to the Farm in ‘Destiny 2’ After Completing the Story

It might seem like the farm disappears at the end of “Destiny 2,” but you can still return to the chicken-filled, peaceful rustic retreat

destiny 2 farm

(Note: This post contains some light spoilers from the story of “Destiny 2”.)

If there’s one good thing to come out of the fall of the Last City at the start of “Destiny 2,” it’s that you get to hang out in the game’s new social area, an extremely peaceful farm.

After everyone flees the City when it’s attacked by the evil Red Legion, you can no longer return to the Tower, the place where players congregate between missions in the original “Destiny.” The replacement is a small refugee camp built in an overgrown farm in Earth’s European Dead Zone.

The Farm is pretty different from the Tower aesthetically, but it’s functionally the same place that players hung out in during their previous stays in “Destiny.” You can visit shops and buy new gear, turn in missions for rewards, and meet up with new players. The farm has a couple of other interesting additions: There’s a soccer field at one end where you can play impromptu matches with other players; and since it’s a farm, it has chickens.

But at the end of the “Destiny 2” story campaign, the Tower is rebuilt and you’re able to return there. All the important characters, like the Vanguard leaders and the major shops, are back at the Tower. And the farm’s spot on the map is replaced by the Tower as well, suggesting you can’t return.

There’s good news, though — you can return to the Farm and hang out with chickens. There’s just not a lot to do there.

Since the Tower is rebuilt and most of the important characters return to it, the farm is pretty empty. There’s only a Postmaster, so you can receive mail, the vaults where you can drop off and pick up your stored items, and a Cryptarch, who can decode engrams you find in the game to turn them into weapons and armor. The soccer field is still there and so are the chickens, but none of the other important people, like the Vanguard, Lord Shaxx, or the Gunsmith remain.

Still, the Farm is a nice place to hang out between missions when you haven’t got much to do. There also are bits of story secreted around the place if you’re willing to search for items that your Ghost can scan, so it’s not a total waste of time to wander around in the little slice of rustic paradise.