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Pug Almost Passes Out Playing Ellen DeGeneres’ Latest ‘Masked Singer’ Ripoff (Video)

”What’s the one thing you can’t live without?“ Ken Jeong asks, ”Apparently oxygen,“ the masked dancer gasps

Clearly Ellen DeGeneres didn’t put as much thought into her “Masked Dancer” ripoff of Fox’s show “The Masked Singer” as they did with their costumes … like how someone hopes to breathe in those ridiculous masks.

“Since we haven’t been sued yet,” DeGeneres said on Monday, she decided to play another round “The Masked Dancer,” bringing out “Masked Singer” judge Ken Jeong and DJ tWitch to help guess who was disguised as a Pug wearing a Two Face suit. Yes, like the Batman villain.

The performance had the mystery guest gasping for air and quite literally panting on the ground after some goofy gyrating and even a famous move popularized by Curly on “The Three Stooges.” The dancer found themselves unable to breathe after the mouth to the rubber pug mask had closed up. Jeong then asked him, “What’s the one thing you can’t live without?”

“Apparently oxygen. These are good questions,” the dancer said. “You know how sometimes you say ‘yes,’ and you think it’s going to be fun?”

For the “clues,” the dancer described himself in three words as “amazing, brilliant, humble,” and that if he could be an insect he’d be a moth because he likes sweaters, plus that he came from a stand-up comedy background.

The last time Ellen and tWitch played the game, they were stumped. But the stand-up comedy clue allowed tWitch to correctly guess that the Pug was none other than … Howie Mandel.

“It’s either Mitch McConnell or Dogg the Bounty Hunter,” Jeong joked. “I’ve narrowed it down to either Chance the Rapper or Flo from that Progressive ad,” DeGeneres chimed in.

Watch the clip via EllenTube above.

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