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Watch Putin Offer Political Asylum to James Comey (Video)

Russian president compares former FBI director to Edward Snowden

James Comey, if you’re ever actually prosecuted and searching for secret lair, might we suggest Mother Russia?

The invitation from the frigid land came straight from the top: President Vladimir Putin warmly offered the former FBI director political asylum in the former Soviet Union, should he need it.

Of course, Putin was probably just puttin’ out the offer as a joke. And if he wasn’t, the guy still got some pretty good laughs with the material.

In his annual Direct Line Russian television interview, the rumored friend to the Trump Administration also compared Comey to Edward Snowden. Putin’s conclusion? They’re more or less the same, but at least the latter was upfront about being a leaker and civil activist.

Snowden currently has actual political asylum in Russia through 2020. President Trump and Comey are currently locked in a classic battle of He Tweeted/He Testified over the context of their private conversations, which has seen the latter appear before Congress.

Watch the Putin video above.