Hollywood Scrambles to Meet Surging Demand for Animation, Children’s Content During Coronavirus

”The demand for children’s content has increased exponentially as a result of families staying home,“ Thanda Belker, of Pocket.watch, tells TheWrap

With stay-at-home orders affecting most of the country, demand is surging for content that can keep children entertained –driving a newfound demand for animated and other series that can be developed despite the industry shutdown, say industry executives.

In just the last week, new animated kids’ series have been green lit. On Thursday, Nickelodeon and music mogul Scooter Braun announced they would be teaming up for a preschool animated series titled “The BeatBuds,” based on the popular duo of the same name. On April 7, Netflix picked up a new animated kids’ series called “Sharkdog,” from ViacomCBS International Studios.

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