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Queen Elizabeth Would Have Voted for Brexit, ‘The Queen’ Writer Says

”It felt like our country was having a nervous breakdown,“ Peter Morgan says of recent political earthquake

Peter Morgan,  the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of “The Queen,” thinks Queen Elizabeth would have voted for Britain to exit the European Union.

Morgan, who serves as writer and executive producer of Netflix’s upcoming “The Crown,” may be in a position more than others to interpret the monarch’s opinions, having delved deep into her life, history and reign multiple times on stage and screen.

“With her, you have to filter it through not just a European thing but through a commonwealth thing,” he told reporters at the show’s panel during the Television Critics’ Association’s summer press tour on Wednesday. “She, privately, if she could vote, I bet she would have voted Brexit.”

Claire Foy, who plays the younger version of the queen in the Netflix miniseries, declined to speculate on how Queen Elizabeth might have voted, but did say that it’s “lucky” the monarch was not allowed to speak out on her own personal beliefs on such matters.

Morgan, however, was not shy in sharing his opinions about the huge political shakeup.

“The short answer is immediately after Brexit, it felt like our country was having a nervous breakdown,” he said. “There was no confidence or trust in our leaders, that they had neglected their responsibility. It was an entire political generation and class focused only on itself and its own self-destruction.”

“The Crown” premieres Nov. 6 on Netflix.

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