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Queen Makes It So: Stewart, Jackson Are Hollywood Knights

The “Star Trek” captain gets tapped by Her Royal Highness, while the “Lord of the Rings” master is honored by New Zealand. Simon is snubbed, however

Just call them Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Peter Jackson.

The "Star Trek" and "X- Men" icon and "Lord of the Rings" director have both been given honorary knighthoods.

Stewart was named to Queen Elizabeth’s annual list of honors, while Jackson has been included on a separate list of New Zealand honors (overseen by the Queen, who serves as NZ’s head of state).

Neither knighthood will likely result in any extra dollars added to their next deals, but in Britain and New Zealand, Stewart and Jackson will now get to demand that everyone call them "sir."

Another entertainment veteran getting a tap on the shoulder from Her Majesty: Stage director Nicholas Hytner ("The History Boys").

Meanwhile, Britain’s ITV reports that there had been talk of a knighthood this year for "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell. But apparently the Queen thought he didn’t need any more help in his never-ending contract talks with Fox.