‘Queer Eye’ Star Bobby Berk Critiques ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Players’ Interior Design

Berk gave “Animal Crossing” players feedback on their virtual interiors via Twitter Wednesday

Photo: Queer Eye/Netflix

“Queer Eye” fab five member Bobby Berk is taking his eye for interior design to the new “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” game from Nintendo.

Berk responded to fans on Twitter who sent pictures of their virtual living and entertainment setups, offering encouragement and occasional design tips. He joined “Queer Eye” in 2018 as its design expert and launched his online store Bobby Berk Home in 2006.

Comedian and actress Jenny Yang asked Berk Tuesday, “im a standup comic and im missing live shows so i made a COMEDY CLUB, @bobbyberk! what do you think? MORE LIGHTING? a different microphone? a new sign to really set off th e stage instead of this makeshift world map? #LilTaiwanComedyClub.”

Berk responded, “Maybe a nice neon sign on the wall or some patrons ;). Can other players interact with you? Go watch her show people!!!” Yang replied that other players can come visit her comedy club inside the game and added, “I am actually going to livestream an IN-GAME comedy show with our real audio and playing our avatars.”

Other players tried to re-create their favorite designs from other video games in the new “Animal Crossing.” One Twitter user told Berk, “I’m a big video game nerd, and love Final Fantasy, so I recreated Tifa’s 7th Heaven from Final Fantasy VII as best as I could in my basement!” Berk’s response: “Love!”

While Berk is certainly out and proud, he had an interesting take on one “Animal Crossing: New Horizon” user’s completely rainbow-themed room, and asked, “is this real life or is the trippin?” It’s fair to say that Berk likely wouldn’t advise that much color in one room, but even in the “Animal Crossing” universe, the bright colors can be a little overwhelming.

“I try to live by your dark floors & light walls but it’s a bit hard to get flooring and wallpaper I like :–( also my main room’s a mess because of the feng shui,” another user told Berk, who replied with sound design advice.

“I’d put some furniture in the center or the room. Move that rug in the center under it. Loving the walls/floors!,” Berk said. Other tips he offered included shifting items in the small “Animal Crossing” living rooms — “Move your piano and record player on the left wall and the smaller furniture to the right,” Berk suggested to another user who was struggling with managing their virtual space.