Questions for a Potential Comcast/NBCU Deal

Like this: How would a hookup transform digital distribution?

Last Updated: December 3, 2009 @ 10:57 AM

Some other TV questions being raised in the wake of the Comcast-NBC bombshell:

How would a hookup transform the digital distribution of TV shows and movies?

NBC U is an owner of Hulu, but Comcast right now is all about TV Everywhere, a way to tie viewing of shows online to cable subscriptions.

Comcast is also big on video-on-demand, and having NBC and Universal Pictures would be a great way to beef up product for that pipeline (as well as broadband distribution).

The rapid death of the DVD market has made the movie business less appealing to Universal. But for Comcast, the idea of having first dibs on big movies and TV shows has to be exciting.

With its new clout in cable, could the new NBC-Comcast get out of the ailing local stations business and replace over-the-air carriage with full cable distribution?

It’s a point raised by Variety’s Cynthia Littleton Thursday, and given Zucker’s comments about the advantage of cable, it might make a lot of sense.

How would the new company negotiate carriage deals with other cable conglomerates?

"Does Comcast get to know the details (of the new company’s) carriage deals with other cable operators?," one exec asks. "Or do you put a wall between them?"




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