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Rachel Bloom: Les Moonves Should Be Fired ‘Without Getting a F–ing Dollar’

”Crazy Ex-Girlfriend“ star joins call for CBS to throw out CEO’s golden parachute

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom has joined the call for CBS CEO Les Moonves to be fired without an exit package in the wake of new sexual assault accusations published Sunday by The New Yorker.

In a sharply-worded tweet Sunday, Bloom noted that since “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” airs on The CW, a network co-owned by CBS, she is an employee of the network and as one, said that Moonves “should be fired without getting a f—ing dollar.”

“The actions described in this article are those of sexual assault and shame on anyone else in the corporation who knew about his crimes,” she tweeted, referring to the New Yorker story.

Rachel Bloom tweet about Les Moonves


The new report from The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow includes on-the-record sexual misconduct accusations from six more women against Moonves, adding to the six from Farrow’s initial report two months ago. The accusations come from women ranging from assistants to executives, who say that Moonves forced them into performing oral sex on him, and in some instances, physically assaulting them.

CBS is expected to formally announce on Monday that Moonves will step down from the company, though multiple reports say that the details of Moonves’ settlement are still being finalized. Prior to these new allegations, CBS had reportedly been planning to give Moonves an exit package that included $100 million in stocks. The reports were decried by several of Moonves’ accusers, as well as the anti-harassment organization Time’s Up.

“CBS, as you sit in a room debating next steps to rectify the damage done, remember that the world is watching,” Time’s Up said in a statement on Sunday. “We will accept nothing less than full transparency of the investigation’s findings, a commitment to real change across all levels of CBS management and no reward for Les Moonves.”