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Zimmerman Trial Witness Rachel Jeantel Calls Verdict ‘BS’ During Piers Morgan Interview (Video)

Jeantel was Trayvon Martin's friend and on the phone with him just before his confrontation with George Zimmerman

Rachel Jeantel, the George Zimmerman trial prosecution's star witness, said she was "disappointed, upset, angry, questioning and mad" that Zimmerman, who was accused of murdering Jeantel's friend, Trayvon Martin, was acquitted — a verdict Jeantel said was "BS, just BS."

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Jeantel spoke with Piers Morgan in her first interview since the trial testimony. She was on the phone with Martin shortly before his confrontation with Zimmerman that would leave the unarmed black teenager dead, and testified at the trial that Martin told her he was being followed as he walked through a Florida neighborhood where his father's girlfriend lived.

Zimmerman told a 911 operator he believed Martin was "up to no good." Jeantel told Morgan that Martin "was trying to get home. And he was. And that's a fact." She described Martin as a "calm, chill, loving person" who she never saw act aggressively or lose his temper.

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Jeantel endured widespread mockery for her testimony, criticized for what she said on the stand, how she said it and what she looked like as she said it. She nearly had to share the show with Zimmerman's brother, Robert, Jr., but he canceled on Morgan shortly before the show began.

Here's the video: