Rachel Maddow Blasts Right Wing Homophobes on MSNBC (video)

“Just because you don’t like my haircut or you don’t like that I’m gay does not mean [it’s] not true.”

While defending her reporting on the Wisconsin union battle — which had been criticized by Politifact, the fact-checking unit run by the St. Petersburg Times — Rachel Maddow took a moment on her MSNBC show on Thursday to blast "right wing" critics who she says have used the moment to criticize her gay lifestyle.

"Because this particular burst of anger is a pure right-wing Internet phenomenon," Maddow said, "if you've seen anything on this you've probably seen [Politifact] retweeted at some point as 'Rachel Maddow is wrong, and she looks like a man!' Also a favorite, 'Rachel Maddow is wrong, and also gay.' Just because you don't like the way it sounds when I say it, or you don't like my haircut, or you don't like that I'm gay, it does not mean what we say is not true."

Watch the clip below — or the entire segment here.